Jul 19, 03:03 AM · The Book is Printed!

After some trial and error, I am very pleased to announce that Golden Boy is available as a printed graphic novel through! I received my copy last week and it looks great! I finally feel like it is done!

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Apr 11, 05:38 AM · EyeHeartZombies Review


Kenneth of has written a very nice review for Golden Boy. He’s really picked up on several things I was trying to focus on in regards to dialog, color, and background details.

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Mar 14, 02:41 AM · Digital Strips Review!

Digital Strips, the audio show and blog of the web comics scene, reviews Golden Boy for this week’s show, calling it “a very engrossing story.” The duo, Zampzon and Daku, then go on to discuss the uniqueness of the eBook format and discuss its business model potential.

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Oct 16, 08:39 AM · New Site

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Holy cow, that took longer than I thought. Welcome to the newly-redesigned site! I had been wanting to do this for some time, patiently waiting for Unbound Comics to announce the books were for sale before attempting this conversion.

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