About Golden Boy

Cole is Ready to Roll!

Remember when a boxer was the champion of the hopes and dreams of his neighborhood? What happens if that boxer would retire? Who in the next generation would represent the neighborhood?

Golden Boy is about Cole “Golden Boy” Parker, a retired boxer who has lost his way into a lonely life. A chance violent encounter with a young criminal named Spider causes Cole to change his life back to when he was happy, back to when he was a champion. His neighborhood, once rich in spirit and community, will join him on his journey.

But will Spider want to join Cole? Or will he replace him?

About Max Riffner

Max Riffner has been working and designing for the web since 1996. He has won several awards on the college and high school levels for his political cartoons and comic strips. His first comic work outside of school was in the Third Eye 2001 Anthology with writer Neil Kleid (Ninety Candles). Since he began work on Golden Boy he has accepted an invitation to join the ranks of Shocktrauma Studios, and is currently working on two new comics/graphic novels.