May 11, 01:44 PM · Impressively Illustrated


I’m blushing! Johanna Draper Carlson, owner of the most excellent review site, has posted some nice words about Golden Boy in her latest Coming Up post, calling it “impressively illustrated.”

Read about my book and the other good picks.

Also, Johanna found Golden Boy on Amazon. There is something just bizarre about seeing it there!

May 11, 01:36 PM · Golden Boy in May Previews


Golden Boy is listed on page 327 of this month’s issue of Previews. The order code to give to your local comic shop is MAY06 3282.

Feb 18, 12:10 AM · Golden Boy Moves to Markosia!


I’m very pleased to announce that Golden Boy will now be published by Markosia Enterprises, LTD. I’ll be in great company with Chuck Satterlee, Norm Breyfogle, Phil Hester, and many other wonderful creators, and I am thrilled for this opportunity. I feel like I’m in on the ground floor of something very big!

The new edition will be printed in full, glorious color. Look for solicitation information in April’s copy of Previews at your local comic shop; Golden Boy will be out in July 2006.

Oct 12, 12:32 AM · Book Signing!

I will be signing copies of Golden Boy at Krypton Comics in Omaha on Saturday, October 15th for their 12th Anniversary Sale! If you don’t come for me, at least come to see artist Norm Breyfogle (Batman), artist Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern Rebirth), and writer Chuck Saterlee (Of Bitter Souls). See you there!

Jul 19, 03:03 AM · The Book is Printed!

After some trial and error, I am very pleased to announce that Golden Boy is available as a printed graphic novel through! I received my copy last week and it looks great!

I finally feel like it is done!

Apr 11, 05:38 AM · EyeHeartZombies Review


Kenneth of has written a very nice review for Golden Boy. He’s really picked up on several things I was trying to focus on in regards to dialog, color, and background details:

On just pure story, this book is well worth buying. Max has a great style of writing for this media. He just uses a few words, a very sparse commentary and little dialog that helps you feel like you’re discovering the story on your own. His artwork is very comfortable, too, so you feel at home in the images. I did, at least.

The limited color palette is a nice touch, too, keeping the whole thing tied really well together, with obvious transitions between subjects. Shots of the city or of buildings are black-and-white photographs, showing how they’re not really characters in the story, they’re just the backdrop.

The real characters, Cole and Spider and the rest of the neighbors are more fleshed out, more warm and vibrant than the scenery around them (which is quite often just white or a solid color, creating a great sense of space), forcing you to focus on them.

Thanks, Kenneth!

Mar 14, 02:41 AM · Digital Strips Review!

Digital Strips, the audio show and blog of the web comics scene, reviews Golden Boy for this week’s show, calling it “a very engrossing story.” The duo, Zampzon and Daku, then go on to discuss the uniqueness of the eBook format and discuss its business model potential. Download the podcast/mp3 to hear the whole story!

Oct 16, 08:39 AM · New Site

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Holy cow, that took longer than I thought. Welcome to the newly-redesigned site! I had been wanting to do this for some time, patiently waiting for Unbound Comics to announce the books were for sale before attempting this conversion.

On the surface, everything is a bit more… rough. I wanted to really capture the look of an old, weathered poster. I think I completed that concept well. The other site was too clean, and too yellow. I also wanted to get rid of the patterned background. It just didn’t really fit. I had my own techniques of achieving a “worn” look, but these tutorials from Cameron Moll really sped the process up.

Now for under the hood: this site had started out as a blog/production journal. Since I had finished the books months ago, the blog portion has lay dormant for the most part. I decided to get away from the sole “blog” site concept. I had been using the almighty Blosxom as my blog tool, and having it dynamically produce static HTML and RSS feeds locally, which I would then FTP up to the site. Blosxom is great if you are a master geek in Perl and like to tinker. I know nothing of Perl, and found it becoming harder and harder to make it do what I wanted (commenting on posts, post titles in title tag, galleries, etc.). However, Blosxom out-of-the-box is great, especially for someone like me who wanted to dip their toes into blogging.

The decision was made to go with Textpattern, which I have been using on my blog Parlor since the beginning of this summer. Textpattern can easily be transformed from blogging software to a lightweight content management system quickly. It has perfectly been able to meet my expectations for sectioning out the site, particularly on the front page with its excerpted entries/sections. I have also employed some cool plug-ins, for example in the Read section, so you are able to page through the entire story without every having to leave the page. Additionally, I can receive feedback from readers who enjoy it by adding the commenting ability native in Textpattern.

As if that was not enough, I have found that my Parlor blog pages are indexed amazingly well in Google, where as my Blosxom produced pages were not (probably stemming from not having a unique title tag). All of these features really sealed the deal for me.

There are still some issues from the conversion (old URL structures and mismatched CSS and layout from posts are two problems that I’m still addressing), but I’ve been so excited to launch this all week that I figured, why not?

So, come on in! Explore with your heart’s content, and let me know what you think!

Oct 6, 04:30 PM · Golden Boy is For Sale!

We are officially open for business, as my original deal with has finally been made live. All four issues/chapters of Golden Boy are available for eBook download for $1.75 a piece ($1.66 if you are a member).

Why eBooks? You can back them up, trade them on CDs, and never fill up a long box with them. After moving 9 long boxes with several to go into my new pad, I’m kind of thinking eBooks have a future! Plus, they are cheaper than printed comics. People read more online everyday; more than they think. I hope you’ll give me a chance! There is also a prequel story available for FREE to read if you would like to try before you buy.

Golden Boy is my shot at telling a mythology based on my life, experiences, and stories told to me in Omaha.


Aug 29, 10:55 AM · Housing & Printing

Alright, there hasn’t been any news lately for two reasons, both pretty major:

  1. My wife and I are closing on our first house tomorrow. This has been in the works for a year, and the last month or so has been grueling once we found this home and started the purchasing process at the end of July. Of course, this slowed everything down for the business set-up, since I needed all of my financial resources available. Plus with the impending address change, i just didn’t want to mess with it.
  2. is the sort of print-on-demand service I’ve been waiting my whole life for. It isn’t feasible to print color floppies of the individual issues for Golden Boy, but it should be when their trade-paperback program starts up in a month. I also have some leads on some local printers who may be able to swing me a deal.

So, that is all the news that is fit to print right now. More details as they come.