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    There are people who ask me occasionally if I can help them build their site for their webcomic, or how would they go about doing it themselves. I now finally have an answer for those people.

    Webcomics Nation is like a TypePad/Flickr/Blogger for webcartoonists. Joey Manley, the site’s creator, has decided to open up the service for free. What does this mean to those wanting to get into webcomics but are scared of the technology? Quite a bit.

    I recently set up a WCN Free account and uploaded Quick Step to just get a feel for the place, so to speak. Features like RSS, email notification lists, cast pages, tooncasting, fan art galleries, and social networking are all built right into the thing, making your comics as accessible as they can be to internet traffic. If you are a paying member, you can set up a storefront and revenue-generating ads onto your webcomics, and you can submit your own ads for your comic on the Webcomics Nation ad network.

    Now, none of this is terribly difficult to do on your own, but this is built specifically for webcartoonists, and all of these features are located in one control panel. Blogging engines are what many DIY webcartoonists use (including myself), but the allure of having every tool I need under one roof, not to mention the fact that I don’t have to manage the tools, is really a good deal.

    If you want to take a look at some other sites using Webcomics Nation, here’s a list of some I like in no particular order (so you can see how other’s use it):

    The best thing about Webcomics Nation I think is somewhat intangible: as a member, you are also a part of a network of other webcartoonists by default. There is a thriving WCN community, and they do check out other WCN sites and pass them along to other cartoonists who use WCN. Plus judging by the number of professionals who use WCN for their online efforts, there is a lot of value in being around that sort of company. It could be a good way to get your name out into the ether of the larger community.

    So – always wanted to try out creating webcomics? The only excuse you have now is putting aside time to create them.

    Nov 18, 01:15 AM
    # 1

    this post should make my sister very very happy.

    Nov 21, 03:21 AM
    # 2

    Oh I already told her!

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