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    Guest Appearance from Tony Libido

    Here on the Parlor Blog, you only really get one point of view: mine. I want to change that up a bit here by offering some other voices into the mix besides the readers in the Comments area. I thought I would revisit a somewhat controversial post on the Parlor, so with that, I’m honored to have infamous porn comix creator Tony Libido offer up a critique of my How to Draw Boobs tutorial.

    Tony, first I want to get some background out of the way here. You’ve published several titles under the Eros Comix line, including a “how-to” of your own, correct?

    That’s right. How To Draw Comics the Eros Way. There was a hole in that particular market that needed filling, if you get my drift! I’ve also done Here Come the Lovjeoys, Boffy the Vampire Layer, and The MatriXXX. I don’t wanna toot my own horn, so to speak, but I think my version of the Matrix kicked the movies’ asses.

    I have a copy of The MatriXXX in my hands. Wow. What sort of fan reaction did you get with that?

    I don’t think I’d want to hear actual reactions to my books. I think it would make me feel dirty. Well, dirtier. As I mentioned to you the other day, Fantagraphics actually forwarded me a letter someone had written, listing every sex act in each of my Lovejoys books. I couldn’t figure out why, until I realized toward the end that he was making the point that each successive book was having less anal sex. He finished the letter with very bold type saying “YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!” Little did he know that there is no real direction, except towards the bank.

    That story still cracks me up! So, what do you think of my boobs?

    Your boobs wouldn’t fly in a Tony Libido book. You’d need to put those pimples in Fantagraphics’ other line, to be enjoyed by sensitive college students who hang out at Starbucks, and like Death Cab for Cutie. I liked your first version, with the water balloons best. As I mention in my How To book, one of the fundamental rules of art is “less is more,” but that rule doesn’t apply to boobs.

    Ouch. So what I have here is a good tutorial for realistic boobs, but not for wank material? In your line of work, Tony, how much boob is too much?

    That’s a good question. I’ve never thought about “too much” boob. Is there such a thing? Let’s see…O.K., if the boobs are so big that they’re covering up the vaginal area, then yeah, you’ve gone too far.

    Them’s some big boobs. What is your process for boobs, if you wouldn’t mind sharing?

    Well, as I share in my How To book, I only work from real models, who have to undergo a very lengthy, rigid screening process. The ones from Belgium seem the most gullible. Um… I mean, “pliable.” Or something. In terms of technique, I just try to be careful with adding too many lines. It’s easy to age your female figure with over-rendering. Some guys are granny grabbers, and that’s cool, but in general, I say, “take it easy, and let the boobs speak for themselves!”

    Well, since most women don’t always have the porn comic-requisite “water balloons,” do you make some… editorial decisions… in your work?

    Absolutely. You can’t be a slave to your reference… it’s just the starting point. I’m not afraid to grab the artistic tire pump and work some Libido “inflato-magic” where it’s needed. Hey, this is comics – Superman has big tits, too!!

    The New Superman

    The new Superman: Secure in his masculinity with a smaller symbol on his chest?

    Superman does have some big man boobs, and he shows them off with that enormous “S” on his chest. He’s a chesty character. It looks like the new movie version is downplaying the boobs by shrinking the “S” and the physique of the character (because why do you need to be body-builder huge when you are the strongest person on the planet several times over, and can fly for that matter). Is this the beginning of a larger trend? Do you think the boob has had its day in comics?

    Let’s hope not, ‘cuz that would mean I’d have to find a real job. A sad thought, to be sure… I’m a man of many talents, but only in a very, narrow, quivering area. All I can do is keep plugging away – at boobs, and every other female facet. In my new Here Come the Lovejoys Again series, the wife character, Mildred, is pregnant… which means even bigger boobs than ever!

    Congratulations, I think. One last question, and we’ll wrap this thing up: do you like pudding?

    Don’t be coy, Max, you know my feelings about pudding. Thumbs… and everything else… up!! Bye!!

    Thanks Tony! You can purchase Mr. Libido's work online at Fantagraphics or Eros Comix, and I don't think you need me to tell you that the Eros website is not work-safe.

    You can also browse through the Parlor archives.


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