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    How to Draw Boobs

    I didn’t know that there were so many people out there hungry for this sort of knowledge, but ever since I posted about how I can’t stop drawing boobs almost two years ago, I am the number one result on a Google search for drawing boobs. I get a hell of a lot of traffic from that search.

    This tells me a couple of things:

    So, without further ado I give you:

    How to draw boobs the Max Riffner way

    In order to draw a lovely pair of breasts on any cartoon figure your sick mind has come up with, well, you have to know some things about breasts.

    1. That they are sacks of flesh, fat and tissue that hang off the female body.
    2. That those sacks serve a biological function.
    3. That they are proportionate and compliment the female body.
    4. That they are not jugs, ta-ta’s, water balloons, fun bags, ad nauseam.

    I say these things because in order to draw them and make them look nice, you need to understand what they are. Drawing them in some objectified manner is really unacceptable. It will make your drawing end up looking foolish and trite, not to mention making you look like a thirteen year old who has never even touched a breast in their life. In fact that brings up a good point: go touch some breasts.

    Seriously. If you don’t have a pair readily available to you, well, grab your man boobs, if you are a little overweight and male. They are almost the same thing. You’ll notice they have a weight, a feel, and a balance to them.

    I said touch, not full on grope. Go get fresh with your wife/girlfriend/mother/yourself later. It’s drawin’ time!

    The Wrong and Right Way to Draw Boobs

    I whipped this out quickly to prove a point. Note what is wrong with the one on the left. Her boobs look like water balloons and have impossible cleavage. Cleavage only happens when one’s breasts are constrained in a brassiere which pushes them together a bit while adding support. While naked, breasts should look more like the image on the right, hanging naturally and not anywhere close to touching.

    Next, the “wrong” image has breasts that are too big for her body, which would surely cause innumerable trips to the pain relief aisle at the pharmacy. Her body could never support breasts that size. She is too petite for that. Breasts can be smaller in proportion to the body, but never larger. The frame of the woman in the “right” image could actually support slightly larger breasts than what I’ve actually drawn on her, but I left them intentionally smaller. In this case, smaller can be sexier.

    Finally, a word about style: make it natural. See how I have used two simple lines to denote the breasts on the “right” image. That is it, that is all you need. Don’t overdraw them. Think about how you might caress a breast – make that into your line.

    Knowing how to actually draw a pair of breasts shows that you care about women. Don’t be a tool. Drawing cartoons with huge knockers that defy gravity will not endear you to the women in your life. Man up and do it right.

    Don’t forget the see how I draw ‘em every month in my Pinups section for more information!

    Update – 11/03/05: Because I have never searched on Google with the term “how to draw boobs,” I never saw this hilarious (non-worksafe) tutorial on drawing boobs. Awesome!

    Fredd Gorham
    Oct 10, 01:55 AM
    # 1

    How about “Ponderous Pontoons of Pleasure”?


    Oct 10, 02:10 AM
    # 2

    That’s a good one!

    Oct 10, 03:32 AM
    # 3

    You’ve really got something here, Max. This is a very informative, useful & funny article. Plus, it keeps it real. Just goes to show the difference between a mature artist w/ some real boob experience, and a young artist who just draws comic boobs the way that everyone else does. You could do more with this, tips & tricks from the artist.

    Oct 10, 08:58 AM
    # 4

    I guess the “how to draw nipples” guide is next week?

    Oct 10, 09:28 AM
    # 5

    I guess the “how to draw nipples” guide is next week?

    Sorry. I’m trying to keep it work-safe.

    Tim Lenon
    Oct 11, 12:46 PM
    # 6

    Thank you “Mr. Not Safe for Work” blog. As per model #1 how can anything so wrong be so right. Looks like every stripper I ever tipped. Including the bitterness.

    Oct 12, 12:49 AM
    # 7

    Well.. now I know how to DRAW em, now if I can just figure out what else to do with em..

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