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    Recent Work: Webcomics World

    ComicSpace recently launched a new ad network for webcomics and comic bloggers — Webcomics World. Here’s the gist of it from their announcement:

    “The idea is simple,” says Joey Manley, CEO of ComicSpace. “There’s only so much money you’re going to make with an automated solution like Google AdSense or AdsDaq. At a certain level of popularity, you need a real salesperson out there making the best pitch to the biggest advertisers for you. We already have a professional advertising sales team. We’re able to take the big meetings, and make the big pitches. And now, any webcomic artist or comics blogger can essentially hire our team, and be included in those meetings and those pitches – and participate in those deals.”

    Joey Manley contacted me in October to do an illustrated media kit for the new venture, featuring cartoon versions of Josh Roberts and Joey himself. You can see the work here on the Webcomics World site. I’m excited it’s out in the open now. I really believe that in the coming years, ComicSpace is going to make a real difference for cartoonists. Also, and I can’t stress this enough: I’ve been a creative professional for over 13 years now and have worked for a lot of clients. Joey Manley and ComicSpace are perhaps the best client I’ve worked with. If that is any indication on how they run their business, it’s a very good time for cartoonists indeed.

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