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Quick Step


Quick Step is about a mouse named Lorenzo Quick, and boy, this kid can dance! Unfortunately, there is another great dancer at school, Jonny B, who has his eyes set on Sandra to take to the Spring Fling. And well, Sandra seems to have her eyes set on Lorenzo. The heart of Sandra is the prize once Jonny challenges Lorenzo to a good ol’ dance-off! But Lorenzo may have other ideas...

Quick Step will be released in webcomic format online on June 2, 2005, and will be updated weekly every Thursday until December (26 weeks).

The Webcomic List

Dancing Off With The Isotope

Quick Step has won the 2007 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics! I spent the night at the awe-inspiring Isotope Comics for the APE Aftermath Party where I accepted the award. Thank you so much to this year’s judges, and for all the new friends I made at the party.

Isotope is an amazing store, run by one of the hardest working retailers I’ve ever met, James Sime. If you are in San Francisco, definitely stop by the store; you won’t regret it!

You can buy a copy of Quick Step from Indy Planet or you can also buy a signed copy of Quick Step from myself.

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