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Quick Step


Quick Step is about a mouse named Lorenzo Quick, and boy, this kid can dance! Unfortunately, there is another great dancer at school, Jonny B, who has his eyes set on Sandra to take to the Spring Fling. And well, Sandra seems to have her eyes set on Lorenzo. The heart of Sandra is the prize once Jonny challenges Lorenzo to a good ol’ dance-off! But Lorenzo may have other ideas...

Quick Step will be released in webcomic format online on June 2, 2005, and will be updated weekly every Thursday until December (26 weeks).

The Webcomic List

First Page!

Quick Step has officially launched. I’ll be adding new features to this mini-site soon, including a Preview page of the first 5 pages so you can try before you buy into the Archives (25 cents), and I’ll also get a Character page so we can keep track of these pesky dancing mice.

Until then, enjoy these buildings! I used to hate drawing buildings. I’m not sure what’s changed, but I like to think that everything in Lorenzo’s world has its own character, and as such should be treated as thoughtfully as when I draw the characters of the story. I had a blast listening to public radio and drawing this page. Enjoy!

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